STIKeyNotes - Simple Integrated Keynoting

Revit keynotes as they should be.
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Keynotes should be simple. We made it happen.

Simple (& Fast)

Don't let using keynotes slow you down. Zero setup or training time. Single click edits. No external apps or files to manage.


Keynote editing and placement at your fingertips. Integrated into the Revit window for a workflow that won't slow you down.

Backwards Compatible

Setup existing projects with a single click. Share projects with non-STIKeyNotes users without any modifcations.

Revision History

See each revision for any keynote. View word-by-word modifications. Restore a previous keynote version.

Upgrade Existing models

Single-click upgrade for any existing model using the standard keynote file. Converted in seconds to STIKeyNotes.

Effortless from start to finish

Keynote legends are automatically created, filled, and placed on each sheet (can be disabled in settings).


Simple, Tabbed, Integrated Keynotes for Revit

Using keynotes in Revit doesn't have to slow you down, or require complicated tools. STIKeyNotes is deisgned to get you and your colleagues past managing text files and external applications and back to designing in an instant. Save hours of valuable production time with a solution that simply works (and is hopefully quite intuitive).

  • Integrated
  • Zero Setup
  • Quick Edits
  • Simple Placement
  • Revision History
  • Tag Renaming
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All of your keynotes at your fingertips

No more editing text files. No more external applications. All of the keynotes used (or even removed!) are available within the revit window. Want a new keynote, just click add. Want to edit a keynote? Click it and type away. Want to place a keynote? Double-click and place it.

Unlike other keynote managers, there is no external file or application. And there is no longer a need to mess with the built-in Revit keynoting window. The days of typing a keynote, reloading your file, and trying to find that note in Revit are over!

Go back in time.

We all make mistakes. Now they're easily undone. With the STIKeyNotes revision history, you are able to see each edit in detail. See what words or phrases were added or deleted, along with the user and timestamp for that revision.

In addition to seeing each edit. If you need to restore a previous version, simply click the 'restore' button next to the edit and the live version in your model will reflect that edit.

Run a report showing the live version of each keynote for a particular date and time. Useful for validating information in a model sent to a consultant or seeing if the edits made it in before a key deadline.

Easily share models or keynote files.

Not everyone has the same software or add-ins. Without any modification, a standard Revit installation can still use the built-in keynoting features as they normally would. Clients receiving the model or co-workers without STIKeyNotes add-in are able to perform all of their normal tasks without any additional work on either party's behalf.

The STIKeyNotes database may also be exported to the standard Revit keynotes .txt file with a single click.

Download now and see how easy keynoting can be.

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Currently in Open Beta. Software is open to all users, but is still in development.

Getting Started

See how easy it is to get started.

Upgrade, Edit, Place
Getting started in 90 seconds.

Shown in the video:
  • Loading an existing .rvt file with .txt keynote file attached
  • 3800+ Keynotes imported
  • Select note to edit
  • Edit pane opens
  • Note is edited (twice)

  • Revision History button clicked.
  • The Revision History window appears
  • Three entries shown: import, and two edits
  • Each entry shows formatting, editing user's name, timestamp

  • Keynote is deactivated
  • Filter button clicked - showing deactivated notes now
  • Deactivated note is edited
  • Deactivated note is reactivated via Restore button

  • Note is double-clicked and placed
  • Keynote tag is automatically selected by STIKeyNotes
    Note that a deactivated note may not be placed, and a note which has been placed may not be deactivated.

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STIKeyNotes - Simple Keynoting for Autodesk Revit


(open beta ongoing)

Revit keynotes as they should be.

STIKeyNotes - Simple Keynoting for Autodesk Revit